Joyce Morrell

About Joyce’s Photography

My pictures tell a story. A story about life and love, new beginnings, old friends and generations of families sharing special moments together.

I photograph your family in a natural setting where you and your children feel comfortable playing and having fun. We’ll choose the location that works best for you – the beach at sunset, your garden or a park.

Each child has his own style and smile. My goal is to capture the spirit of your child…her precious expressions when she’s exploring and playing. When he looks at you with those eyes that touch your heart, or shouts with glee when the cold ocean waves laps at his feet or tenderly holds his new baby sister…those are the memories that you’ll treasure. And the pictures you’ll enjoy for years.

With over 25 years of photography experience, I see pictures everywhere…the beautiful highlights dancing on a little girl’s hair, the sandy feet of an adventurous boy and secrets whispered between best friends.

Learn more about how I can create a wonderful memory for you and your family with photographs that capture the joy and wonder of this special time in your life.